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Australian Birds


Babblers Sittellas Whipbirds Wedgebills & Quail-thrush

Boatbills Monarchs Flycatchers Magpie-lark Fantails

Bowerbirds Ravens Crows Mud Nesters & Birds of Paradise0-1a

Bustard Button-quails & Plains Wanderer

Butcherbirds Currawongs Magpie & Woodswallows

Crakes Rails & Gallinules

Cranes Egrets Herons Ibis Jacana Spoonbills Storks

Cuckoo-shrikes Cicadabird Trillers Orioles & Figbirds

Cuckoos & Coucal

Darters Cormorants Frigatebirds Tropicbirds & Pelicans

Doves and Pigeons

Ducks, Geese Swans Grebes & Magpie Goose

Emu Cassowary & Megapodidae

Fairy-wrens Emu-wrens Grasswrens Scrubwrens Heathwrens

Finches & Mannikins

Honeyeaters & Chats

Kingfishers, Bee-eaters Dollarbird & Pittas

Larks Pipits & Wagtails

Lyrebirds Scrub-birds & Treecreepers

Pardalotes Bristlebirds Sandstone-warblers Weebills

Nocturnal Birds

Parrots Cockatoos Corellas Lorikeets Rosellas


Petrels Shearwaters Prions & Storm-petrels


Robins Jacky Winter & Logrunners

Shrike-tits Crested Bellbird Whistler & Shrike-thrush

Skuas Jaegers Gulls Terns Noddies & Gannets

Sunbird Mistletoebird Old world Warblers White-eyes

Swifts Swiftlets Swallows & Martins